Fast, precise and simple field force communicator
KPI Tracker
Informs about progress done and tasks to complete
Instant support
Answers frequent questions and collects feedback
Teaches new things in conversations
Every day Selly tells me which tasks I've completed and what else is needed for 100% result. Now I'm always informed and my monthly bonus is at maximum.
Worker Lana
Before information was passed to field staff through a bunch of managers or marketing agency. It took ages and wasn't that reliable.

Selly passes information instantly and precisely. We see better results, fewer mistakes, stronger team spirit.
Manager Shaun
KPI Tracker
Instant support
Selly has answers for all my questions! Promo details, demo of a new product, how to handle a broken posm, client's credit and latest orders - all it takes is asking a question or typing it in the chat.
Worker Lana
Before we implemented Selly I was constantly asked the same questions: by email, Whatsapp, phone. Now Selly handles that, and I have time for important things.
Manager Shaun
Bot invited me to watch a video and answer 5 questions - off course I did all of them and got my points! Selly makes everything easy.
Worker Lana
I created a new course with scoring system and leader board In 30 minutes. With corporate training solutions it could take the whole day to do that.
Manager Shaun
Bussiness plugins
You can combine Selly functionaluty with ready plugins to cover all of your needs. If the ready ones don't fit you, we'll create a new one for your task
Design your plugin
  • Business process outline and analysys
  • Best implementation practices
  • Plugin development: implementation from 30 days, budget from 350 000 rubles
  • Assistance with adaptation and training
Field reporting and SFA
  • Forms and checklists are customized easily in admin panel without code knowledge
  • Geolocation control during workday
  • Gallery photos restriction (in Automatica app)
  • Photo and video reports
  • Visits planning
  • Notifications for supervisors
  • Requests routing from users to responsible managers
  • Bot will hide direct contacts of employees to comply with agency workers laws and regulations
  • Customized routes: hotline tags, group chats, responsibles, connection with store
  • Hotline requests and problem solving statistics
New customer registration forms
  • Modern equivalent of paper forms to shorten client registration procedure from one week to one day
  • Auto synchronization of clients and stores database
  • Ticket routing through responsible managers for approval
  • Third-party services integration: Yandex Maps, SKB Kontur
On-the-job training
  • Training log for each employee
  • Customized checklists
  • Training results statistics
Field photo reports moderation
  • Integrated with corporate SFA solution to export chosen photo categories
  • Tools for moderation and grading photo reports
  • Notifications, leaderboard, online support and feedback collection in a shape of a chat bot
  • Bonus program for employees without modifications of corporate SFA solution
Tasks and reporting
  • Task assignment for 300+ stores with one action
  • Real-time choice of responsibles for the task in each store
  • Centralized moderation of reports under company standarts
Selly works in international FMCG companies
…and in the messengers that your employees already use:
Telegram — ready-to-use solution in 24 hours
Whatsapp, MS Teams — custom project in 60 days
International brewing giant
Victor L., Field Force Excellence Manager
Mariia Z., Trade Marketing Director
International liqor distribution leader
Vyacheslav B., Sales Operations Director
Alexander A., Learning Manager
Who could use Selly?
Our clients are large FMCG companies, typically with outstaffed workers: sales representatives, merchandisers, sellers, brand ambassadors, maintenance workers and drivers. Selly reduces costs and increases efficiency of communication with any field force team.
Where does Selly work?
Selly works in Telegram. Some of our clients also use custom mobile application with corporate branding and categorized personal and work chats. We will set up Selly in WhatsApp and Microsoft teams on your request.
Why chatbot is better than a mobile app?
It's cost-saving. We guarantee twice less effort for onboarding, 50% gain in implementation time and 25% gain in price.

It's trending. One third of our clients got promoted or won international corporate solutions competitions by implementing chat bot technology based solutions.
What about security and data access?
Authorized access to sensitive data for chosen employees and guest access for the rest. We successfully passed IT security control with international standarts in Heineken and Colgate.
Could you integrate with third-party services and corporate APIs?
Sure. Some of them: Cislink, 1C, On-premise DWH, Power BI, Yandex Maps, SKB Kontur.
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